Banner Creator

WebGL Icon
Windows Icon
  • Working concept for a banner / flag editor for a game
  • HLSL and C#
  • Custom shader and uGui interface
  • 7 Layers for textures
  • Masks are added to layers in GUI and combined in shader
  • Supports a total of 64 masks

Terrain Editor

WebGL Icon
  • Working concept for a terrain editor for a game
  • C#
  • Edits Unity Terrain
  • 3D brushes
  • Heightmap and splatmap editing
  • Heightmap operations: add, substract, gaussian smooth
  • Splatmap operations: add, substract, set

82 Dakka

  • Animation for a Foxhole MMO clan
  • Camera move with Cinemachine
  • Assets from the game (Unreal Engine)
  • Asset conversion with Blender
  • Skeleton retargeting in Unity
  • Base animations from Mixamo
  • Animation editing and IK in Unity
  • Video recording with Unity Recorder

Arma 3

Valkyrie HUD

  • Dynamic HUD elements for a Warhammer 40K inspired aircraft
  • SQF and ArmA Config Language
  • Aircraft model by a mod team member
  • Model HUD render area vertex placement in Blender
  • HUD graphics in ArmA config language
  • Scripting in ArmA SQF language

Inverse Kinematics

  • External inverse kinematics library with CCD algorithm
  • C++ and SQF
  • Built to 64 bit DLL
  • Usage through ArmA Extension system
  • Unlimited joints
  • Configurable joint limits

Physics Object Manipulation

  • Physics enabled object manipulation
  • SQF language
  • Object movement with physics forces
  • Collisions disabled during movement
  • Rudimentary UI for object rotation

Gridless Inventory

  • Gridless inventory concept in ArmA Dialog GUI system
  • SQF and ArmA Config Language
  • Selection by point-in-polygon algorithm
  • Layering by edit order
  • Container saving
  • Flexible containment to container bounds
  • Out of bounds detection


SDF Manipulation

  • Shape creation and manipulation with Signed Distance Functions
  • GLSL

Voronoi Diagram

  • Voronoi diagram generation from a point cloud with random point movement
  • GLSL

Adjustable UV Gridlines

  • Size adjustable UV mapped gridlines that converge on the intersections
  • GLSL